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The new Veritas Honing Guide Set


veritas honing guide set


The new Veritas 5 Piece Deluxe Mk.II Honing Guide set is one of the most versatile sets ever produced.

This set includes both the standard and narrow blade clamping heads, as well as the angle registration jig, straight roller base and camber roller base. Combined, the heads accept blades ranging from 3mm(1/8") to 73mm(2.7/8") wide. The bases offer the options of straight or slightly cambered edges on your blades. The completely predictable results this set offers for a wide variety of blades makes it one of the most useful sharpening aids in the workshop of anyone who works with hand tools. The price is £124.96.

If you don’t need the full set, then you can buy some of the parts separately:

  • Veritas Mk. II 3 piece narrow blade honing guide set consisting of the narrow blade clamping head, the standard roller base and the angle registration jig and priced at £84.95
  • Veritas narrow blade clamping head only priced at £49.96

All prices include vat and are valid until 31 December 2015.