Expanded range of compatible tools aids efficiency

  •  New 18V cordless combi, rotary hammers, grinders and saws added
  •  Full compatibility with all Bosch 18V tools (2008 onward), batteries and chargers
  •  Options include ProCORE18V batteries (greater power, runtime and lifetime) and world’s fastest 18V chargers
  •  Full range covers all tool categories, specification levels and price points

Having added substantially to its already extensive Bosch Professional 18V System in recent months, Bosch has an important reminder for trade professionals. Its message is that tool compatibility and flexible choices – as well as high performance – are the keys to working more efficiently and saving money.

Savings and efficiencies

As all Bosch Professional 18V cordless power tools from 2008 onward are fully compatible, there’s no need to buy and carry different batteries and chargers. This saves on time, complication and investment. The system’s wide range gives buyers flexibility to choose tools and accessories with the perfect balance of features, capabilities and price for their needs. It caters for everyone from apprentices buying their first tool kit to experienced professionals upgrading their equipment. There is also freedom to select tools, batteries and chargers individually or, if preferred, as complete kits.

The benefits of cordless freedom are maximised by compact, lightweight and ergonomic design. As their name suggests, Bosch Professional 18V tools are specified and built to professional standards for the ultimate in performance. They not only boost work efficiency, day after day, but save in the longer term through their high durability. They can be combined with the latest ProCORE18V batteries – at 4, 8 and 12Ah capacities – for greater power, runtime and lifetime, or with any other Bosch Li-ion 18V battery. Similarly, Bosch charger options range from relatively basic models to the world’s fastest charging units.

Latest high-performing models

Amongst the newest additions to the Bosch Professional 18V System is the Bosch GBH 18V-26D Professional Rotary Hammer with SDS Plus. This universal D handle model, for vertical drilling and chiselling applications, has a high specification including a brushless motor that delivers 25 J of impact energy. Another newcomer drawing much attention is the powerful Bosch GSB 18V-55 Professional Combi Drill. Despite its entry-level price, it offers a metal chuck and a brushless motor with speeds up to 1,800 rpm and torque up to 55 Nm. There has also been great interest in the five 18V Bosch Professional angle grinders featuring X-LOCK – the fastest, simplest, most trouble-free grinder accessory-change system ever. The model choice is between GWX 18V-10 C, GWX 18V-10 SC, GWX 18V-10 PC, GWX 18V-10 PSC and GWX 18V-15 SC.

Looking ahead, 2020 will see Bosch introducing 18V ‘BITURBO’ tools designed to bring cordless freedom to power-intensive applications once thought beyond the reach of battery-powered equipment. The performance of its circular, mitre and plunge saws, SDS-max rotary hammers and large grinders will match that of corded tools rated between 1,000 and 1,800W.

Compatible tools for every workplace need

As well as those already mentioned, product categories covered by the Bosch Professional 18V System include a wide choice of other combis, drill drivers, impact drivers, small saws and multi-cutters as well as dust extractors, work lights, measuring devices and more. All of them benefit from Bosch quality and continuing compatibility, so with each addition to the professional’s tool collection the advantages of choosing and relying upon Bosch will grow.

All specified prices for these products are including VAT and are subject to change.  

Model Bosch List Price (inc VAT)
GBH 18V-26D Professional Rotary Hammer (body only, carton box)
GBH 18V-26D Professional Rotary Hammer (body only, carry case)
GSB 18V-55 Professional Combi Drill
(3 x 4.0Ah ProCORE18V batteries, GAL 18V-40 Charger, L-CASE)
GWX 18V-10 C Professional Angle Grinder (body only, L-BOXX) £283.80
GWX 18V-10 SC Professional Angle Grinder (body only, L-BOXX) £352.00
GWX 18V-10 PC Professional Angle Grinder (body only, L-BOXX) £283.80
GWX 18V-10 PSC Professional Angle Grinder (body only, L-BOXX) £352.00
GWX 18V-15 SC Professional Angle Grinder (body only, L-BOXX, GCY 30-4 Connectivity Module) Coming Soon

To find out more, see the Bosch Professional website