To be a productive and diverse woodworker who stands out from the crowd in the 21st century, you have to think smart. Think Trend Yeti CNC Smartbench. Working efficiently has never been easier due to its multiple qualities. Time saving, precision, accuracy, repeatability and portability are just some of the amazing benefits that are transferred to the end user.

Boasting the features and capacities of CNC machines at many times the price, the Yeti offers industry-standard performance and is ideal for use in the workshop for big or small projects alike. Its sectional design enables it to be quickly dismantled and stored away when not in use, allowing you to free up valuable floor space and time.
The sleek adaptable design also allows easy transportation to the jobsite as it can easily fit into a van or estate car. Simple and fast to assemble, it can be ready for action in less than three minutes.

The three way ‘X, Y, Z’ axis allows stock up to 2,500 x 1,250mm to be worked on. This means standard sheet materials are well within its capabilities and with a 150mm depth capacity, three dimensional 3D relief carving, lettering and similar design work can be achieved alongside a comprehensive range of flat stock cutting and profiling options. 
The router head has an 1,100W variable speed motor for working various materials and has a precision 1/4in ER16 collet fitted that offers accuracy of +/0.5mm (0.019in) or better over a 2.5m distance. It maximises the Yeti’s potential across any project, from identical components to complex interlocking constructions. The accuracy ensures professional, repeatable results every time. 


The collets are interchangeable with a maximum shank diameter of 10mm available allowing a variety of standard and specialised cutters to be fitted to suit the material being worked. The Yeti has a maximum ‘X, Y’ speed of 6m/minute and a ‘Z’ axis speed of 2m/per minute meaning even the most complex projects can be swiftly achieved. An icon driven touchscreen interface is provided to set up and control the parameters for an easy to use experience, minimising the learning curve required to begin simple or more complex projects. 

Built-in Bluetooth technology allows designs and projects to be sent remotely to the interface or designs can be directly loaded using the USB port. A software package is required to drive the Yeti and it can be purchased with or without a compatible CNC program. 

The ‘V Carve Pro’ software option provides a powerful package that can be easily set up for working on any material that can routed. This includes softwood and hardwood sections up to 150mm thick, timber-based composite boards, composite work surfaces, Corian, polycarbonate, acrylic and other forms of plastic, as well as sheet aluminium. Whether complex or simple, once a project is loaded and set in motion, the Yeti can be left to its own devices to perform. It offers huge potential to any woodworker, designer and furniture maker, thanks to its quick and easy assembly, superb capacities and capabilities, which makes it ideal for building bespoke furniture, specialised panelling, carving, infills, signage and unique signature designs, which will set you apart from the crowd. 


Live demonstrations 

Although a very simple machine to set up and operate, Trend advise attending one of their live, practical demonstrations, which will give you the opportunity to engage in a one-on-one discussion with an expert before committing to a purchase. 
Due to the imposed lockdown, instead of running these at their HQ and around the country, Trend have now created live online one-hour demonstrations run by their CNC expert, John Tigg. These sessions run three times daily, every day: in the morning, afternoon and evening, and usually hold groups of up to around three or four people. John is on hand to answer any technical questions you may have and extended follow-up sessions can be scheduled for anyone who needs them. The sessions are pretty relaxed – there’s no obligation at all, and no selling – it’s just about seeing how the Smartbench can help you. Prices start from £4,195 for the CNC/YETI/SB1 up to £5,074.47 for the CNC/YETI/SB1K model. Sessions can be booked online or call 01923 249 911 for more information.