The Woodworker cover image for June 13I think we all like to feel part of something, that we belong. Here at The Woodworker that's exactly the case, whether you're a regular reader, a contributor, or just an occasional browser in your local newsagent. If you're a woodworker, you're part of an extended family that reaches right around the world. We all share common interests as well as a desire to further our woodworking knowledge and experience, and maybe to improve our work at the bench into the bargain!
Tell me a story
I'm interested in everything you have to tell me, regardless of whether you might think it worthy or not, so please continue to send in your woodworking stories and experiences, and especially any photos of your work. I was talking to one of my college students the other day about his grandfather's work; it sounded great, but sadly he didn’t have any pictures. 
Last week I had a call from reader Gavin Hyatt in South Wales. He told me about a fascinating job he was currently engaged with. I liked the sound of it, so I went over to Newport to have a closer look. I'm very pleased I did, and hopefully you'll be as interested as I was when you read about it in the next issue.
Badge of pride
My visit to Wales coincided with the delivery of some new Woodworker badges I've just had made up. These are for anyone who contributes to the magazine in some way, however modest. Gavin became the first recipient of the new badge, and was very pleased indeed, despite the lack of ceremony of the presentation. 
Needless to say I wear mine daily, and not without a certain degree of pride either! I have to confess that I've not yet sewn the embroidered version onto my apron, but to be honest, that's more of a paint-spattered rag than an article of protective clothing, and deserves burning more than embellishment. 

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