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Bagpress launches its latest product – The FramePress Mini – at the W14 Show at the NEC this October.

Designed specifically for small to medium sized workshops and schools this brand new lightweight, table-top press provides the perfect solution for those wishing to have the convenience of a FramePress system without overstretching their budget.

The FramePress Mini is designed to sit on a work bench or table and offers the perfect solution where space is limited as it can be removed and stored until needed. Where permanent dedicated space is available, an optional plywood stand with leveling feet can be ordered as an option (FPMStand).

The Bagpress FramePress Mini is currently the largest table-top frame press on the market  and is fitted as standard (FPMiniPU) with a 300mm deep polyurethane box membrane on a frame measuring, internally, 1050mm x 750mm thereby offering a far greater capacity for shaped pressing that a flat membrane would allow.

For certain specialist work however, such as musical instrument making, print mounting or flat veneering we also offer a flat latex membrane version (FPMiniLA)

Designed to run with any Bagpress professional vacuum pump assembly from the 4m3 per hour BPEL04 upwards, the FramePress Mini sets a new price point for small membrane vacuum presses being priced at just £1450+VAT making it approx. £1000 cheaper than it nearest competitor. The optional plywood stand costs £325+VAT

Visit us at stand 6D 570 for a full demonstration of Bagpress vacuum press systems or contact us on 01462 483366 for more details.