Introducing Lamello’s new Divario P-18 connectors


Those clever people at Lamello have once more applied their woodworking creativity to the company’s latest fitting solution – the Divario P-18 connector.

lamello divario p-28 connector

What makes the Divario P-18 so innovative? The P-18 is a self-clamping, sliding connector which allows easy installation of dividers or shelves into a fixed frame or structure. It requires no glues or clamps; the result is a strong joint with no visible connectors or shelf pin supports. Slide the shelf into place and the Divario forms a tight fitting, flush joint. It is a simple procedure of cutting a groove on the edges of the shelf along with a P-slot for the body of the connector. The other half of the connector fits into a pair of 8mm diameter holes drilled into the side supports. The Divario P-18 supports the shelf or divider during insertion, making assembly even more straightforward. Final assembly requires no further use of tools, glues or clamps. In this respect the connector makes assembly possible on site, as the transport of parts in flat pack form is an easy option.

This narrow connector allows use in shelves from 19mm thick and sides as little as 12mm thick. The Divario P-18 is a completely concealed connector. It results in a clean appearance thanks to closed joints and allows greater design freedom without sacrificing stability. Cut the P-System groove for the connector either manually in a workshop or on site using a Lamello Zeta P2 machine or with CNC machinery in a factory.

lamello divario p-28 connector


A special installation tool ensures that the alignment of the body of the connector is correct after the P-18 has been placed in the slot. A sharp tap with a hammer sets the positioning pins, keeping everything in the perfect position.

There are a whole range of applications which will benefit from the Divario P-18. Cabinets, shelves and displays can be disassembled and reassembled to be used again or easily transported.

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