More efficiency for environmental protection:

Portugal's wild Atlantic coast has become a hotspot for surfers from all over the world thanks to it’s ‘super tubes’ – large, tube-shaped waves. One of the best-known surf spots is the Peniche peninsula, located ninety kilometres north of Lisbon. Here, a constant stream of high waves all-year-round beckons courageous surfers to test their mettle against the forces of nature.

For one such surfer – José Antunes, also known as Zé, the founder of Yoni Surfboards – it is particularly important that the ever-expanding surf culture does not lose sight of sustainability and environmental protection. The passionate wave rider intends to take a stand against the increasing use of non-recyclable materials in surfboard construction. He has dedicated himself to manufacturing sustainable boards made from wood.

His approach goes back to the origins of surfing. 3000 years ago, Polynesians were using wooden planks to ride the waves. Zé combines the primordial characteristics of these early surfboards with the innovative technology of today, to create an end product that's particularly flexible. “To make a very light surfboard, I would use agave wood, which I then combine with paulownia wood to ensure it remains sufficiently robust. The entire development process is environmentally friendly. Any excess wood I end up with is used for the fins of the boards or composted. With these sustainable boards, I'm hoping to bring the sport in harmony with nature. At Yoni Surfboards, we have also pledged to plant a new tree for every board that is sold,” explains Zé.

Flexible and independent working with cordless tools

The different types of wood that Zé uses to build his surfboards originate exclusively from Portugal. “From one poplar, I can make up to 30 surfboards,” he remarks. He also uses cordless tools in addition to manual ones for more accuracy in his work. “Sanding down a surfboard by hand can be very tiring. So, I use power tools to help with this quite a lot. I finish the outer edges of the surfboards, or rails as they are called, with the GKF 12V-8 Professional, the first 12V cordless edge router from Bosch, as well as the GHO 12V-20 Professional cordless planer. These help with the precision of the work.”

“Both tools are equipped with powerful EC motors and are powered by high-performance lithium-ion batteries. When carrying out this task, the surfboard manufacturer can choose between different 12V batteries ranging from 2 to 6Ah. The Bosch Professional 12V and 18V system guarantee compatibility with new and existing power tools and chargers of the respective voltage class.

For example, the 18V system also incorporates high-performance batteries from the ProCORE18V series. Zé uses these batteries to power cordless tools which allow him to work independently and free of any interruptions, even when it comes to the most power-intensive applications. The ProCORE18V batteries are also the most compact high-performance batteries with 18 volts of power on the market; due to the combination of a new cell generation with higher capacity and a battery design with improved CoolPack technology. This means that the batteries provide a higher current output while remaining compact. With a choice of 4, 8 and 12Ah, Zé also has the ideal battery size and runtime for any application – such as, when he uses them with the GKF 18V-57 G Professional hand-held circular saw. Together with guide rails, he can use this saw to precisely cut the wooden slats for the top – also known as the “deck” – and bottom of the surfboards.

Besides the fact that work progresses quickly, Zé also benefits from another important aspect. “When working with wood, large amounts of sawdust are released. An effective dust extraction system makes working cleaner and less detrimental to my health. The high-performance batteries support me with this” he explains, as he connects the GAS 18V-10 L Professional cordless wet/dry extractor to his hand-held circular saw with an adapter. He has also equipped the extractor with the ProCORE18V battery, meaning that he can benefit from a longer runtime. “Cordless tools are important assistants when it comes to making perfectly crafted boards. The high-performance batteries are very efficient. They help us to work sustainably explains the surfboard manufacturer when summarising the benefits of the Bosch Professional 18V system. “Surfing is far more than just a sport – it's akin to meditation in natural surroundings. And when I can do that with an environmentally friendly surfboard that I've made with my own hands, that's something quite special. I not only feel good about it – I'm also very proud.” 

To find out more, see the Bosch Professional website