Cut Your Vehicle Costs with Space Saving Van Racking


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Bott Ltd, the world-leading manufacturer and supplier of in-vehicle equipment and workplace storage systems has announced the launch of a new and affordable innovation in van racking, SMARTVAN, which helps carpenters to save costs and get more out of their vehicle.  

The new van racking has been designed as a solution for most small vans and will also soon be available for 15 model variants including the new Ford Transit Connect.

Custom developed for specific vehicles the racking can be fitted in about 60 minutes with no need for drilling. Easily ordered online, with prices starting from just over £180, the system takes the hassle out of van racking and storage.

At the heart of the Bott SMARTVAN solution is an innovative new van racking system which utilises wasted space in small vans and means that the tradesman doesn’t have to compromise useable load capacity by giving it up to bulky traditional racking intended for larger walk-in vehicles.

Ben Rotheray, Product Marketing Manager at Bott Ltd said; “Fuel bills are one of the biggest costs faced by van operators and we know that this racking can help. The systems clever use of space enables the use of a smaller van. This can deliver running cost savings of over £2,200 per year when compared to midsize van. Vans fitted with this product still retain a full load bay and are able to carry a europallet or materials equivalent to the size of a standard washing machine. A Bott SMARTVAN solution turns wasted space into useful carrying capacity. Using professional racking also ensures time efficiency and good stock management by storing tools and equipment so that it is quickly and efficiently accessible, saving time and ultimately increasing the safety of the vehicle when travelling and transporting bulky items.”

He added; “As well as being easy to fit, SMARTVAN makes ordering easy. Our online configurator allows the user to simply select a vehicle, choose their racking and then add an easy-fit, no-drill floor and then add accessories. As the system is built, a cost calculator shows the price and advanced graphics give a visual indication of the final solution. Customers can pay online and their solution is delivered within 7 days. Our tests have shown that users are able to fit out their van in around 60 minutes.”

Bott racking is built in the UK, designed to last two vehicle lifecycles and is backed by a 3 year warranty. As you would expect with a Bott SMARTVAN solution, the racking has been comprehensively crash tested at MIRA.

Make your van a SMARTVAN. To build your own, go to