Axminster Tools, Ultimate Edge Sharpening Tool, variable speed version 


The new Ultimate Edge sharpening system is a remarkable machine that will revolutionise sharpening your tools.  The machine really is a tool user’s dream, allowing fast repeatable sharpening on all your edge tools, which means you will spend less time sharpening and more time making. As the name suggests, it is the ultimate in sharpening machines.


However, it is much more than just a sharpening machine. The belt can be positioned horizontally allowing linishing and flat sanding jobs to be done. It is also an effective polishing and honing machine, utilising the unique ‘Twist n Fix’ multipurpose arbor. This feature enables the almost instant change of different mops, felt wheels and profiling wheels. The ability to change these so quickly ensures the process of starting coarse and finishing with fine is always followed. Whether you are woodworker, woodturner, restorer or carver, life will be much easier with the Ultimate Edge.


Two versions of the Ultimate Edge are available: a deluxe variable speed model and a single speed model. The deluxe variable speed machine has a 560W motor which drives a 50mm wide belt; with forward and reverse movements, it has high torque and is quiet running.  Belt tracking is quick and easy: a quarter turn of a knurled knob covers everything.


To take full advantage of the versatility of this machine, you will also need the Compound Guide Jig. This is the starting point for the majority of accessories. The jig has a solid and fully adjustable silver steel bar on which sharpening guides, accessories and some Tormek jigs can be mounted.


Additionally, a Universal Sharpening Table is available; it has a large surface and is ideal for freehand lathe tool sharpening and general linishing. It locks securely to the bar of the Compound Jig and has a quadrant of angles laser marked for easy reference.


The Honing Guide Assembly is perfect for grinding joinery chisels and plane blades, and fits onto the bar of the Compound Jig. The jaws are dovetail in shape, allowing the chisel to be firmly clamped against the body. The jaws accommodate chisels 6-66mm in width.


A single speed version is also available. With its 375W motor, it can handle most light duty work in the workshop, including light grinding and sharpening of lathe tools. This linisher-grinder-sharpener is perfect for metal based hobbies.


While ideal for sharpening lathe tools, the Ultimate Edge is also excellent for rejuvenating and removing rust from old tools.


Deluxe variable speed version £379.96 inc vat.

Fixed single speed version £329.95 inc vat.

(Prices may be subject to change without notice.)

For more information, please visit the Axminster Trade brand store