When you buy quality, they say, it only hurts once; buy poor quality and you’ll end up paying twice – and that’s never truer than when you’re buying tools. The Mar/May issue of Practical Woodworking sees Andy King bring together his selection of hand and power tools – from spokeshaves to screw guns, and chisels to circular saws – that represent some of the best performance, quality and value for money in their fields.

Some are simply great performers that work flawlessly, while others have been built around the latest trends and technology and embody innovations that have nothing to do with gadgetry and everything to do with making a good woodworking tool better. In some cases, his choices might seem quite specialist in their function, but here too he has picked tools that will help to make your life easier when carrying out particular tasks.

Each review will give you a balanced insight into both good and bad points so that you can make an informed choice when it comes to buying individual tools. Altogether, the collection represents an ‘ideal workshop’ – one with the means to do a wide range of woodwork, from basic carpentry to fine furniture making.

Follow Andy’s advice, and you should only ever need to buy any tool once!