OTORO Compact Palm Router Table

The UJK Technology OTORO Compact Palm Router Table is a unique and ingenious piece of equipment. It is perfect for model makers, dolls house builders and any craftsperson wishing to make smaller sized, precision components.

It is designed to be used with a palm router, either the Bosch GKF 600 or Makita RT0700CX2 or DeWALT D26204K. The Bosch and DeWALT fit directly; the Makita uses an adaptor sleeve which is supplied. Install the router, connect the dust extractor port and you are ready for business. You can clamp the table to a benchtop or work table up to 60mm thick, allowing you to use it wherever is convenient. The table has both coarse and fine feed adjustments for exact height modification of the cutter.

Three modes of operation are possible with this router table: preparing an edge, planing the board to width and moulding.

Preparing an edge

The rear planing fence consists of two sections: a fixed outfeed and an adjustable infeed. The adjustment uses a ‘folding wedge’ arrangement, where one slides against the other controlling the depth of cut. Very fine control and accuracy come from the 10:1 scale. Moving and locking the leading wedge 1mm produces a cutting depth of only 0.1mm. A featherboard is included to keep the timber securely against the fence.

Planing the width

The rear featherboard fence replaces the rear planing fence. The front fence, complete with a similar folding wedge adjustment, is used to set the planing width of the board. Although looking a touch unconventional, this method will produce very precise thicknesses. The maximum board width that will fit between the featherboards is 130mm. By using double-sided tape and sticking a workpiece onto a carrier, you can prepare very thin material.


The compact router table performs in much the same way as a conventional router table. In this case, the result is a small and exact profile. The table includes a selection of table inserts to accommodate different sized cutters.

When not in use the table can be stored under a bench or in a small cupboard.

Price: £299.96  The price includes vat and may be subject to change without notice.

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