New UJK Technology Parf Long Super Dogs

The UJK Technology Parf Long Super Dog opens up a completely new range of joinery and carpentry possibilities. The majority of plunge saws can cut between 40 and 65mm deep. When used with a guide track and standard Parf dogs on a multifunction workbench, the setup is generally limited to cutting sheet material. However, the new Parf Long Super Dog removes this limitation.

The 120mm projection allows you to cut much thicker timber, taking full advantage of your saw’s depth of cut. Using your multifunction workbench and track, the Long Super Dog offers exacting precision for cutting large timbers or trenching.

Parf Long Super Dogs fit exactly into the 20mm holes of the UJK Technology multifunction workbench. They are compatible with the Festool MFT/3 and self-built grid tables made using UJK Technology Parf Guide System. Push the Long Super Dog into a hole, simply twist the top and it will be rock solid.

The Parf Long Super Dog has a 120mm projection and comes with three interchangeable collars. A 10mm tall register collar with a 25mm diameter exactly mimics the original Parf Dog. The stop collar fits into a chamfer around the dog hole (standard on the UJK Technology workbenches). This provides a register ensuring the dog sits flush and perpendicular to the work surface. Lastly, a 20mm diameter plain collar allows a completely flush fit in tables without chamfered holes.

The Long Super Dog is CNC manufactured from grade 303 stainless steel to exceptionally fine tolerances, ensuring precision and a lifetime of accuracy.

A UJK Technology chamfer cutter is available for non-chamfered tables. We also recommend using the Parf Dog Rail Clip with the Long Super Dogs.

Thanks to Axminster Tools and Machinery for the news.

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