New Trade Series Pillar Drills from Axminster


The new Trade Series pillar drills from Axminster are rugged yet highly accurate machines specially selected for everyday use in a typical trade workshop.  These drills can be used for both wood and metal working and one within the range should suit most users.

There are four models in the range: two for the bench (AT2801DP and AT2001DP) and two are floor standing (AT2801DP and AT3202FDP). The AT2801DP and AT2801FDP are the same apart from one being bench mounted and the other floor standing; at 66kg the AT2801DP about as big a bench mounted drill as you would want.


pillar drill_trade series


All four models share some common features: cast iron and machined steel construction for strength and stability; rack and pinion table height adjustment making it much easier and safer when a heavy workpiece is mounted onto the table, which can also tilt both ways 0-45°; powerful yet quiet induction motors, with a belt drive providing at least twelve speeds (sixteen on two models). Finally, they all have easy-to-use and accurate drilling depth stops, a quality keyless chuck, cast iron down-feed handles with comfortable hand grips, NVR switch and interlocked chuck guards.

Prices start at £269.94 for the smaller bench top model, up to £549.95 for the larger floor standing model. More information can be found at

Image: AT2801DP and AT2801FDP