New Sjöbergs Scandi Plus Benches





This autumn Swedish family company, Sjöbergs, is launching two new workbenches - the Scandi Plus 1425 and Scandi Plus 1825.


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Manufactured from European beech, these benches are built to last a lifetime of normal use. They come with a double row of 19mm dog holes which run from each of the four vice locations, giving great versatility and opportunity to clamp your work.

There is the option to fit your bench with the cupboard and drawer module (SM03) or the cupboard and shelf module (SM07). Thus, the bench can be bought as bench only or as the complete storage module. Whichever bench or package you choose, all options currently come with a free accessory pack of a sturdy holdfast for all round clamping, a tough anvil for metalwork and cork jaw protectors collectively worth £80.

Sjöbergs benches are kiln dried to 8% moisture content. If your workshop is not humidity controlled and has the potential to exceed 75% air humidity, BriMarc recommends sealing the bench with two or three coats of finishing oil on the top, underside  and dog holes. This treatment should be repeated from time to time.

The benches come in two sizes: Scandi Plus 1425 (1326x580mm) and Scandi Plus 1825 (1730x580mm), and with a 10 year warranty. Prices start at £849.95 inc vat for the basic 1425 bench and at £959.95 for the basic 1825.

For more information, visit or call 03332 240 6967.

Prices valid until 31/12/13

Image: Scandi Plus 1425 bench