The beauty of these new toggle clamps is that they are quick to lock and unlock, and are very versatile. They will clamp different thicknesses and require no adjustment. As and when necessary, you can adjust the pressure with a screwdriver and adjust the arm piece to increase the throat. They are perfectly suited to small-scale production situations.

They come as two types: those that apply force down towards the base of the clamp (horizontal) and those that drive a plunger laterally away from the base of the clamp (push and pull). Each clamp requires minimal operating effort to give maximum clamping force.

 The toggle clamp is ideal for work situations involving a router, spindle moulder, table saw or when constructing custom made jigs; in fact anywhere you need a fast, firm hold down.

The horizontal toggle clamp comes in three sizes; you simply press the handle down and the clamp locks securely in position holding the workpiece in place.

The push and pull toggle clamp comes in two sizes. It converts the movement of the handle to an axial movement of the piston. The piston pushes the workpiece against a fence or stops and locks with the handle in the horizontal position.

These clamps are European made from quality steel, galvanised and passivated against corrosion.

Prices range from £21.65 inc vat.

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