Trend’s New Revolutionary Skeleton Hinge Jig

Trend launched the first adjustable Hinge Jig in 1994 which allowed hinges to be routed onto a wooden door and frame in minutes. This Jig became very popular with on-site joiners because it saved time and money when compared to using a hammer and chisel. There is no need for marking out in the conventional way, as the hinge is used as the set-up pattern.

Now Trend has improved on the Hinge Jig and launched a revolutionary Skeleton Hinge Jig (H/JIG/C) with four unique fully adjustable quick release apertures that allow hinges to be routed on a new door in either an old or new wooden frame in minutes. The Jig also has presets for 20mm, 25mm and 30mm hinge widths. This flexibility makes the new Hinge Jig ideal for use “on-site’ and especially for refurbishment projects.

trend_hinge jig_skeleton_jig


The two-part Skeleton Jig is manufactured from a lightweight alloy frame with plastic injection moulded slding aperture blocks with quick release locking and is suitable for doors up to 51mm thick. It can be used on 25mm thick fixed stops and due to its fully adjustable apertures is also ideal for fire doors.

The Skeleton Jig can save time and money because once the set up for the door and frame is completed, there is no need to readjust for repeated doors.

The new Hinge Jig is supplied with four bradwals, a 16mm guide bush and a fabric carry case with an adjustable shoulder strap.

The H/JIG/C is priced at £224.94 excluding VAT and is available from Trend Routing Centres and stockists.

For a copy of the 2013 Trend Catalogue, or to request further information and details of your nearest Trend Routing Centre, please call 01923 249911 or visit their website at