From July 2020, Mirka UK is introducing Iridium in packs of 10 in 150mm discs, 81 x 133mm strips, and 100 x 152 x 152mm triangles, providing outstanding performance on a wide range of applications including soft and hardwoods, especially solid surface materials.  

The robust abrasive employs a new precision, dust repellent coating that has an optimised grit configuration, blended to maximise productivity, as the grains stay sharper for longer, extending the life of the disc while ensuring high stock removal is achieved. Its new multi-hole design delivers superior, faster and more efficient dust extraction fitted to any machine, avoiding clogging and pilling, while maintaining a high-quality finish.

In addition, its blend of ceramic grains allows the cut to be more aggressive and longer lasting, while producing a consistent scratch pattern for the lifetime of the abrasive. Iridium's combination of coarse and fine grits allows the abrasive to work well on both soft and hard surfaces, while its flexible backing also offers excellent grain adhesion and no loss of the grains, even when folded. 


Chris Brook, Business Sector Manager - Wood of Mirka UK, says: “Mirka Iridium represents another leap forward for innovation in abrasive technology. It is an abrasive that fills the requirements of today’s customers, a high-performance product that allows them to complete a job in the fastest possible time and deliver higher productivity levels. This is accomplished with Iridium, but importantly, without any compromise to its finish. Mirka’s Iridium is excellent for solid surface materials, MDF as well as a variety of soft and hardwoods.”
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