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New Hobby Series Pillar Drills from Axminster


The new Hobby Series pillar drills from Axminster have been selected to give a clear and easy-to-understand range for use in the home workshop by those who enjoy woodworking. Although modestly priced, these machines will provide a respectable level of accuracy.


pillar drills_hobby series_AH165FRDpillar drill_hobby series_axminster tools and machinery


There are five models to choose from: two for the bench (AH1300DP and AH1603DP), one to stand on the floor (AH2003FDP) and two amazingly versatile radial drills (AH16RD and AH165FRD), one bench and the other floor standing.


pillar drill_radial drill


All five models share some common features: cast iron and machined steel construction for strength and stability; rack and pinion table height adjustment making it much easier and safer when a heavy workpiece is mounted onto the table, and which can also tilt both ways 0-45°; powerful yet quiet induction motors, with a belt drive providing at least five speeds (twelve on two models). Finally, they all have easy-to-use and accurate drilling depth stops, a quality keyless chuck, comfortable hand grips, NVR switch and chuck guard.

Prices start at £139.94 for the smaller bench top model, up to £279.95 for the radial floor standing model.