UJK woodworking jigs

New products are now available in the UJK Technology range. First launched in 2012, this carefully selected range of innovative routing, measuring and wood jointing products is designed in the UK by Axminster Tools & Machinery and then manufactured in the Far East. 


Compact Lock Jig: this adjustable lock jig is made of 12mm thick high pressure laminate, dimensionally stable and comes with a lifetime guarantee never to warp. It is fully adjustable for locking faceplates up to 175mm in length.

The jig includes four interchangeable templates to cut mortice and faceplate recesses for the most popular door sash, mortice and deadlock sizes. 

Set-up is easy by marking the centre line of the door and the centre line for the lock. The mortice will be parallel with the door face ensuring that the parts are then square, making it easier to fit the handles.

It is suitable for doors up to 58mm(2.1/4") thick. The user will require a 1/2" router with a 12.7mm(1/2") straight cutter (long reach if possible) and a 16mm guide bush. Additional requirements are two clamps to hold the jig in place and a screwdriver to adjust the settings.

Price: £89.95 inc vat.


Hinge Jig with clamp plate: this single aperture hinge jig is lightweight, easy to use with minimal set up time and suitable for all doors. Once set for the size of hinge, cutting the recess on the door frame requires no further adjustment. Its body has engraved markings for easy measurement and setting, and this jig gives quick and accurate results.

Made of 12mm thick high pressure laminate, the hinge jig is dimensionally stable and comes with a lifetime guarantee never to warp; additional parts are made of aluminium. It is suitable for hinges from 50mm(2") to 127mm(5") long and with leaf widths between 6.5mm(1/4") and 35mm(1.3/8"). The end datum stop controls the 3mm gap between the top of the door and frame. The jig comes with the clamping plate accessory and easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. Additional tools required are a 1/2" router, 12mm straight cutter, 16mm guide bush, screwdriver and two bradawls or two clamps.

Price: £69.95 inc vat.


Variable Angle Worktop Jig: this single jig can offer a great deal of scope. It is capable of 45° and 90° left or right hand joints in worktops with widths ranging from 250mm to 700mm. It enables the user to make peninsular joints, 90° square end cuts plus 45° and 22.5° angle cuts. In addition, there are facilities for cutting 35mm cabinet door hinge recesses (18mm carcass), a hole for tap fixings 35mm (3/4" BSP) and three slots for 65mm and 150mm joining bolts. The jig is CNC cut from 12mm thick solid compact laminate. Permanently engraved into the top are instructions, diagrams and pin-hole locations.

This professional patented worktop jig is also able to solve problems regarding out-of-square joints. With the addition of the optional accessory - the angle adjustment plate - the jig will cut accurate left and right hand joints between 85° and 95°. The angle adjustment plate sits in the slot provided and adjustment is made to change the angle of the male joint. With the addition of the plate, you can use the jig to find and set the angle required ensuring a perfect joint every time.

The jig is supplied with full and comprehensive instructions and a pack of four aligning pins. The user will also need a 1/2" router, 12.7mm(1/2") x 50mm router cutter, 30mm guide bush and two clamps.


Price: £94.94 inc vat.

All prices are valid until 31 December 2015.

Image: Top – Variable Angle Jig; LHS – Hinge Jig with clamp plate; RHS – Compact Lock Jig.