The new EZR not only extends the Bessey range of high quality table clamps with a one-handed version, as besides its actual purpose, it has many other possible uses on top of that.

One clamp, dozens of possibilities

The EZR one-handed table clamp has a special guide on the upper part for grooves 12 x 6.5mm to 12 x 8mm and a special adaptor on the lower part. Equipped this way, it securely fixes guide rails of various brands with up to 750N clamping force. The clamp is also suitable for clamping in profiles and on work tables. Thanks to the many tool-free options for changing the upper part and adaptor, there are always new applications for the clamp: for normal clamping or spreading as well as for step-over fixing work when the adapter is pushed onto the upper or lower part.


Comfortable & durable

The EZR enables both ergonomic and safe handling. Its high quality two-component plastic handle with pump lever behind the rail ensures a secure grip from both directions. Thanks to the release lever positioned in the handle, the sliding arm can be quickly adjusted and the clamp removed when the work is complete. Equally 'handy' is a crossed V-groove integrated in the plastic protective caps for securely fixing round, pointed and angular components.
Bessey also makes no compromises in terms of robustness with the new one-handed table clamp. This is once again made possible by the focus on quality, coupled with a high level of practical know-how. Upper and lower parts made of glass fibre reinforced polyamide combine with a profiled rail made of tempered and burnished steel to form a one-handed clamp that is as practical as it is durable. Additionally, the plastic housing also protects the handle mechanism from dust and splintering. 

The EZR15-6SET, two of the one-handed table clamps with 150mm opening width (spreading width 120-310mm) and 60mm throat depth are available by visiting the Bessey website.