Sloyd Knives

Made in USA, the Flexcut sloyd knives come razor sharp and ready for use.  These knives are tough, well constructed tools, similar to the sloyd tools of traditional Swedish design. They are perfect for whittling, chip carving, spoon carving, general woodworking and handicrafts.

The blades are forged from high-carbon steel, giving them superior edge quality and retention. For added strength, the tang of each knife extends completely through the handle. The handle is beautifully made of conditioned cherry hardwood and comfortable to hold.

The Flexcut standard sloyd knife comes with a custom, 100% leather sheath featuring a built-in belt clip. The sheath's rugged stitching gives it a distinctive look and ensures long-lasting blade protection.

The double bevel hook sloyd knife is a must for any spoon carver. The double edge gives the option of working to the left or right, push or pull, whichever way cuts the timber most effectively.

The single bevel hook sloyd knife allows you to carve deeper hollows in spoons, bowls and ladles, plus it is useful for smoothing and cleaning-up after initial carving with other tools.

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