New Clamp Racks from Axminster Trade Clamps

The beauty of a clamp rack is that it will deal with a storage problem in the best possible way and save you from struggling to retrieve the right clamp from a box under your bench.  Axminster has introduced two new clamp racks to help you store your clamps in neat and orderly manner.

G-Clamp Rack

The rack provides space for up to 10 G-clamps. Your G-clamps sit in place, patiently waiting for the next time you need them; this makes retrieving them easy. The slots ensure quick access for sizes from 75mm to 250mm. The rack is 420mm long by 70mm high and pre-drilled for fixing to a wall.

Bar Clamp Rack

This general clamp rack will safely store your F-clamps, sash clamps, parallel jaw clamps and more. With an overall length of 290mm, storage slots are 12mm wide and have the capacity to hold up to 12 clamps or 25kg in weight.  This rack is also pre-drilled for wall mounting.

Both racks are made of 2mm thick steel with a painted finish and are unlikely to bend under load or rust over time.

Together, the two racks make ideal companions for holding your clamps. The workshop will be tidy, you will gain more space and say goodbye to that heap of unruly clamps in the corner or in that box under your workbench.

Thanks to Axminster Tools and Machinery for the news.

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