Trend’s New Adjustable Lock Jig

Trend has launched an Adjustable Lock Jig to compliment its range of time saving router recessing jigs for locks. A lock Jig uses a set of interchangeable templates and with a router will cut the mortise and face plate recess for popular door locks.

trend_lock jig_router


This new Lock Jig (LOCK/JIG/B) is made from 12mm thick laminate and is fully adjustable for lock face plates up to 250mm in length with engraved sight lines for face plates widths of 22.5mm and 25.4mm and mortise widths of 16mm and 19mm. The jig is designed for ½ inch plunge routers, but a ¼ inch plunge router can be used for face plates as long as the mortise is finished with a auger bit.

The LOCK/JIG/B is easy to set up as the jig has engraved markings on the underside for 35mm, 40mm, 44mm and 54mm width doors, along with an engraved scale for setiing the limit stops for the lock recess length. The jig can be used on doors from 30mm to 80mm thick.

The new Lock Jig requires two clamps and a screwdriver to adjust the settings, but comes with an adjustable datum alloy bar clamp and a pair of preset width setting gauges.

The Adjustable Lock Jig requires a 12mm long series router cutter (3/75X1/2TC or C172X1/2TC) and a 30mm guide bush with 10mm long spigot (GB30/A) and is priced at £89.00 excluding VAT and is available from Trend Routing Centres and stockists.

For a copy of the 2013 Trend Catalogue, or to request further information and details of your nearest Trend Routing Centre, please call 01923 249911 or visit their website at