British Glue For British Woodworkers


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Johnson Tools announce the launch of CA-UK a range of premium British manufactured adhesives for the UK woodworking and woodturning market. The range is due to launch in early January and will include a full line up of the latest PVA, Hybrid resin and polyurethane wood adhesives plus a comprehensive range of Cyanoacrylates specifically engineered for the woodworker and woodturner.

Over the last 6 months the range has been extensively tested to ensure all products perform as well as or out perform all equivalent leading brands ensuring CA-UK has exceptional performance and is value for money.  

Johnson Tools have worked closely with a leading British adhesives manufacturer to taylor the first comprehensive range of woodworkers adhesives specifically engineered for the UK market under ISO 9001 standards. The range includes PVA and hybrid resin formula wood adhesives to cater for a broad spectrum of tasks plus a range of specialist adhesives such as a wicking grade loose joint repair formula developed to permanently repair loose joints on chairs and other items of furniture.

For the wood turner there is a full line up of Cyanoacrylate adhesives from the standard thin, medium and high viscosity products up to high grade technical products such as a Pen Armour a product designed specifically as a high gloss hard wearing finish for small turnings such as pens.

The  CA-UK range of adhesives will be available from specialist woodworking tool store across the UK from January. Retailers requiring more information on the range can contact Johnson Tools at