Neat Elite Range – robust, easy fitting & attractive

These hinges are extremely easy to fit in three easy steps: rout, drill and fit. You only need a mortise cut into the box with an 8mm downcut spiral, then drill the holes (drill jig available) and fit. They come with a mirror polished finish and are the only siderail hinges in the world with a true fully round knuckle. This is achieved using a unique stop system, which is concealed inside. The Neat Elite hinges are an incredibly attractive hinge whether viewing from inside the box or from the rear of the box. Ian will soon be offering a gold-plated version, which he produces in-house to control quality and keep the cost to a minimum.

Hinge technical

Neat Elite jewelry box hinges are ideal for boxes with a minimum wall thickness of 12mm.  Each hinge is 8mm wide x 43mm long with an opening degree between 91.5 – 93.5 (pairs are matched up). Leaf thickness is 3.3mm.


Hinge pricing

These hinges are available in brass and stainless steel and cost £25 for the brass and £45 for the stainless steel (includes two sets of quality screws).

Neat Elite Lock: great action, easy fitting & quality

The New Neat Elite Jewellery Box Lock is the only solid brass full mortise box lock on the market. The lock mechanism has a very satisfying click on opening and closing, which is due to its unique internal design. It is far superior in quality to the plated ones available. This is a precision made, full mortise box lock. So, don't risk your plating flaking or use a weaker base material for locks on your perfect boxes. Instead, buy the ultimate box lock directly from Ian, online.

Lock technical

The jewellery box lock comes in solid brass and solid stainless steel and both types are polished to a mirror-like finish. The lock strike plates, lock casing and the key are all created from this robust metal. The Neat Box Lock plates are 8mm wide x 76mm long x a case depth of 25mm. Distance to pin is 16mm. They supply each lock with two sets of screws and one elegant key.

Lock pricing

These locks are available in brass and stainless steel and cost £36 for the brass lock and £42 for the stainless steel lock (includes two sets of quality screws).

For further information, call Ian Hawthorne on 028 90 836987 or email Fitting instructions are available online.