LiHD battery technology_high perormance batteries

Metabo are launching an entirely new type of lithium-ion battery with a new matrix of capacities, the innovative Metabo LiHD battery packs offering up to 6.2 AH of performance.

Not only could the run time be increased by up to 87%, but with up to 67% more power. For the first time we enter new dimensions which could not even be imagined for battery packs until now, applications previously reserved for only mains-powered machines, become possible.


LiHD_lithium ion high demand_LiHD battery packs

LiHD which stands for Lithium-Ion High Demand are a completely new dimension in technology.
These batteries have been entirely re-engineered to include a new electromechanical design which features massive power rails and enlarged cell connectors to ensure that all of the useable energy in the battery is available for the tool.

This new battery technology equates to:

  • 67 % more power – permits completely new applications with battery powered machines.
  • 87 % longer run time – for even more endurance.
  • 100 % longer service life – makes your investment even safer.
  • Makes applications possible under the most demanding conditions, which had previously been reserved only for powerful mains-powered machines.
  • Significant increase in the accessible power output.
  • Significantly lower heat generation for protection of the cells.


100% compatibility with all current and future cordless machines from Metabo.

While Metabo don't anticipate people switching up to these new batteries to use with their existing Metabo cordless tools such as drill drivers, you will be able to. That's because the new batteries are 100% backwards compatible with all of Metabo's 18v cordless range.