Leading power tool manufacturer Makita supplied a range of its chainsaws to DART International UK to assist with the charity’s work in the Bahamas, following hurricane Dorian.

DART (Disaster Arborist Response Team) International UK is a charitable organisation that deploys its all-volunteer Humanitarian Response Team to deliver aid, equipment and training to communities affected by disaster worldwide. The team was most recently deployed to the Bahamas, to assist with the international relief effort following hurricane Dorian.

Makita supplied 50cc chainsaws and 79cc chainsaws to DART International UK. The tools were used by the team of five arborists deployed to the Bahamas for tasks such as clearing debris and creating safe passages for other aid organisations to access affected areas.

The team also offered safety and maintenance training to the Bahamian National Trust based at the Rand National Park, where the DART team were deployed. The training aimed to assist the Bahamian National Trust with continuing the clearance and restoration work at the Rand National Park – one of the island’s most important eco-tourism attractions.

Mike Metcalfe, Trustee and Operations Manager at DART International UK said: “Hurricane Dorian is the strongest and most catastrophic hurricane recorded in the Bahama’s history, leaving over 70,000 people in need of urgent assistance and aid. Facing these challenging and devastating conditions, it is essential that our team are equipped with everything that they need to provide the vital aid and support to communities. We use Makita tools for a number of tasks with the immediate focus on clearing and enabling access for aid supplies. 

“It is important for the team to use tools that are not only easy to handle and transport, but also reliable. Makita’s 50cc and 79cc chainsaws provide the high performance needed to complete our work quickly and safely.”

Mark Earles, Business Development Manager OPE at Makita said: “Makita is incredibly proud to be able to support charities such as DART International UK. Using Makita tools, the team from DART International UK are able to attend disaster-struck areas such as the Bahamas and provide them with vital aid and assistance and help to re-build the affected communities.”

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To find out more about DART International UK visit http://www.dartinternationaluk.org/