Living With Wood

Since the beginning of civilization wood has played a crucial role in construction.

There is evidence that the history of wood in construction dates back to over 10,000 years ago where archaeologists found signs of the timber posts being used for homes.

Fast forward a few thousand years, from around 9000BC to 5000BC, the Neolithic Long House was invented and at the time, was one of the largest structures in the world and housed around 20-30 people.

Since then not only has wood continued to be used for construction but also for the tools we use to construct. For instance during the Iron Age, in the midst of the Roman Empire, the timber crane was developed which allowed them to build impressive structures such as Trajan's Bridge- which remained the longest arch bridge for over 1000 years.

Wood has continued to be used in construction throughout the centuries and is still a hugely popular building material due to its versatile, renewable and sustainable nature.

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