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Here's the latest in child safe finishes from Liberon

With child safety always at the forefront of parents minds, ensure your home is child proof with the range of Liberon products which are EN -71 Part 3 Approved.

EN 71 Part 3 Approved is an assurance that any product with this accreditation is safe for use on items which children come into contact with such as toys, furniture and flooring, ensuring children are safe at home.

Many furniture and floor finishes are oil based. Liberon has EN 71 Approval on Tung Oil, Finishing Oil, Superior Danish Oil and Raw Linseed Oil, the most popular oils used in and around the home. Pure Tung Oil is the premium oil for wood care and is ideal also for food contact surfaces in the kitchen including worktops, chopping boards and tables.

For treating floors where babies and toddlers will crawl around, drop things and pick them up and then straight into their mouths, Liberon has an EN-71 Part 3 Approved Natural Finish Floor Varnish. A water based, quick drying, hard wearing and scratch resistant varnish, it is ideal for use in any family home. In addition, Liberon Natural Finish Floor Varnish is approved by the European Eco-label scheme. This means that is has low environmental impact due to the low VOC levels and reduced sulphur emissions during production and contains no heavy metals or other harmful substances, so its eco friendly too.

In total Liberon has twenty EN 71 part 3 Approved products for use in and around the home to not only protect your wood but protect your family too.

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Liberon child safe floor finish