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New Le-Matic Edgebanders


le-matic edgebander

Le-Matic BR500 Edgebander

Two new edgebanders from Le-Matic are now available: the BR500 and BR300. These portable edgebanders will be used for applying veneers to straight or curved panel edges in PVC, ABS, laminated and solid woods. Both have many patented features not found on other portable edgebanders.

The Le-Matic BR500 edgebander is advanced yet simple to use. The machine has a number of ergonomic and intuitive controls including two rubber grips for precise control and a metal support plate designed to rest on the workpiece allowing for strain-free use. The feeder on/off switch is located on top of the primary handle allowing for immediate control of the tool’s operation.  A measured guide in increments of 1mm determines the width of the edge band or edging tape and secures it in place for a regulated feed. The glue pot handle has two positions in case of workpiece interference and an easy-to-reach knob regulates the flow of glue amount resulting in a mess-free, consistent result. The digital temperature control system has two modes: mode one gives a range from 80°-155°C, mode two 120°-200°C. This allows a huge range of specialist glues to be used for many applications. A variable speed range of 2-6m/min gives an edge to the control of this edgebander in difficult situations. The speed control is conveniently located in the top of the control handle, making speed adjustment easy.

Price: £947.95 inc vat


The Le-Matic BR300 edgebander is easy and straightforward to use with many features similar to the BR500. The main differences lie in the temperature control which is a simple twist dial providing accurate control over the glue application and giving a temperature range of 120°C – 200°C ±1°C.  The motor runs at a fixed feed speed of 4.0m/min.

Price: £815.95 inc vat


Both edgebanders are light, versatile, accurate and easy to use and maintain. They are perfect for on-site work or integration into a woodworking workshop. These machines have everything that the small or medium scale furniture producer would require to get started, including the TK65 Dual End Cutter and a sample glue pack. All items are contained in a storage container, mounted on a wheeled trolley. The BR300 and BR500 are backed by a two year warranty.

All prices are valid until 31 December 2015.