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Johnson Tools have teamed up with IBC of Canada who are possibly the finest manufacturer of plane irons in the world to bring a complete range of IBC products to the UK and European markets. Some of you may be familiar with the range of IBC products such as the IBC retro-fit blade and matched chip breaker sets and the Cosman marking knife. In recent years the IBC matched blade and chip breaker sets have received great recognition because of there ability to transform older Stanley and Record bench planes into tools that perform on a par with £300 modern high end planes at a fraction of the price with rave reviews from respected woodworkers such as David Charlesworth.

Hand planes fitted with blades contracted to IBC have won tool of the year awards over in North America.

David Charlesworth  says, "The IBC matched blade/breaker is the best prepared that I have seen. The chipbreaker is outstanding and a few strokes on each surface will perfect it. Blade flatness and finish are excellent so the total preparation time is minimal. With proper tuning and sole flattening results should be comparable  to premium modern planes. The benefit of this set is the reduced preparation time and the ability to fit a thick blade to a Stanley. This option has not been available before.

I have been tuning up old Stanley planes for over 30 years. We have even salvaged planes from before 1910. Tremendous  satisfaction can be had from reviving and using an old heir­ loom."

David Charlesworth,


The IBC range will consist of blades to suit:

Stanley , Record Footprint ,

Lie-Nielsen , Qiangsheng,

WoodRiver & many other brands


(There will also follow a new range of bench chisels that  will rival the finest  on the market, details of these will be available shortly and the chisels will go to market  in October)



Any retailers interested in becoming a stockist of IBC products or requiring any further information please contact Johnson Tools as soon as possible to ensure your official IBC Europe stockist status. The full IBC range will be available from late September, early October to those dealers appointed prior to the launch.

Contact Johnson Tools at: info@johnsontools.co.uk