Moving forward from time-served award winning titles such as The Encyclopedia of Woodworking Techniques, Jeremy Broun has been able to use the experience of working with the global leader in visual arts publishing - Quarto, to now take the bold move to design and publish his own books, and in hardback.   

Woodworkers will know that Jeremy prefers the word ‘excellence’ to ‘exclusive’  but his new range of woodworking books are almost limited editions as they are printed in low volumes and each one is delivered and signed by him.

A unique feature of the attractive slim, square book format is that the books link to online video and print-out documents, which enhance the experience and will keep the content up-to-date. The format also conforms to cost efficient packaging and postal rates and part of his ‘make it last’ philosophy is to offer a £5 discount on future purchases for returning the eco-friendly packaging envelope. It is difficult for a small, solo British enterprise to compete with Amazon or indeed the Far East, but Jeremy chose to back a local British book printer and this gives him added control over quality. 

Hot-off-the-press is Guitar Making Art, which has over 300 images; some of the diagrams and illustrations took hours to create. The book aims at all levels of experience. The first half is devoted to the tradition of acoustic guitar making and the second is a guide to building one of Jeremy’s unique electro acoustic guitars, which in the short foreword Nicholas Chandler describes as a ‘why not’ guitar. The bonus pack addition includes numerous highly detailed video tutorials. 

Jeremy’s unique and radical course Design and Make in Wood is the next title to be announced later. 

The range of books are available to purchase here