Good Woodworking cover image for issue 293Fashion on the Ration, at London’s Imperial War Museum until 31 August, is a nostalgia fest bound to appeal to hoarders of offcuts and strange stain experiments in jam-jars.  So with Make Do and Mend on my mind I resolved to donate four clumpy Windsors to the local furniture charity setup and replace them with an artfully mismatched set of diners. In a month I had acquired a couple of renovated chairs at £25 each, a donated stool and two old wrecks costing a tenner and needing a splice here and there, a good clean up, application of an abomination of said finishes and recovering with a gaudy selection of leatherette.

good woodworking issue 293














All of which is a long-winded lead up to the recycling job to cap all others: Bernard Greatrix’s use of mahogany window frames to make a couple of bedside cabinets. Who can beat that? Upcycling would have been a long way from Alan Willey’s mind when he devised his butterfly-inspired drop-leaf table, but Phil Skinner writes of the joys of scrap when he makes a marking gauge and a mallet. For as Michael Huntley reminds us in his post & rail lesson, wood is a precious resource that must be used wisely.
Andrea Hargreaves, Editor