Good Woodworking cover image for issue 292Welcome

It should go without saying that woodwork is a potentially dangerous pursuit, but we’re all grown ups aren’t we! So rather than pretend that chainsaws don’t exist I’m happy to include examples of what can be done with them in Good Woodworking. I trust you to put one of these fearsome machines into action only if you have had the appropriate training – and even then always with the utmost care and togged up in all the essential safety gear. For now join David Vickers in celebrating the stunning sculptures than can be achieved with them by a master of his craft. At the other end of the scale has to be Shane Skelton’s amazing dovetail saw, a hand-made tool that some of our most eminent and hard-to-please critics have been unable to fault. Its perfection would no doubt be appreciated by our woodwork foundations leader Michael Huntley, who gets on to carcase shelving, and by hand-tool stickler Jeff Gorman, this month drilling mortises for chair arms. Phil Davy investigates secret panel fixing, Phil Edwards makes a Weissenborn-style lap guitar, Edward Hopkins builds barn-style doors that would keep out an army, and Les Thorne turns a nut bowl and hammer.

Andrea Hargreaves, Editor