Good Woodworking cover image for issue 289Welcome
For anyone seeking to set up a workshop in London the prices are prohibitive, but former GW Editor Mark Gould used a bit of nous, accepted a little discomfort and settled in underneath the arches of Bow for not very much at all.
How much thought do most makers give to the milling process? With a bit of investment you could do your own in the woods. Earmark your tree, take a chainsaw safety course, buy a bit of kit and in theory it should be possible to take control of your woodwork from trunk or branch to finished piece as David Vickers demonstrates, while milling timber for a young maker to hand work a table.
And talking of projects, we are revisiting three this month, offering you the opportunity to tailor-make Tony Sutton’s ace of benches, Martin Aplin’s Japanese merchant’s chest, and Dominic Collings’ first armchair project, tested first with pocket-hole joinery.
Meanwhile Michael Huntley is taking joint-making down a more traditional route, via the mortise & tenon, and Edward Hopkins, up to his own neck in trusses, visits a timber frame builder who puts accuracy above all. Phil Davy makes good after getting rid of unused window seating, and Les Thorne turns an elegant cake stand.
Oh, and Andy King has good words to say about a Bosch rangefinder level, Makita’s new multitool, Milwaukee’s 3-in-1 drill and a Trend trimming cutter.
Andrea Hargreaves, Editor