Good Woodworking cover image for issue 283Why do we bother? I mean, look at the picture and see how graduate Hannah Knowles has dispensed with all that stuff woodworkers take a lifetime to learn – butt joints through to the complexity of secret dovetails – by nipping next door to the plumbers’ workshop; not for her the cheats of dowels and biscuits, but straightforward copper fittings for her Apto shoe rack.  Seriously though, while I was knocked out by this year’s New Designers show, which scored a first for ingenuity, I would be even more impressed if the majority had experienced something like Michael Huntley’s Foundation Course, where he starts carcase jointing from the beginning with simple rub joints and suggests why you should consider the Japanese approach. Dave Roberts follows my last month’s look at the work of the Building Crafts College with a visit to Workshop East where its graduates are working together on a community-wide business, and another new graduate, GW’s former Editor Mark Gould, shares his first major commission, a desk. Phil Davy constructs a folding garden table, and Les Thorne wet-turns a bowl from brown oak. Meanwhile Andy King gets to work on Charnwood’s table saw, and Bosch’s plunge saw.


Andrea Hargreaves, Editor