Good Woodworking cover image for issue 278Think of furniture schools and one of the best known in the country has to be that run by designer and maker David Savage in the wilds of North Devon; in this issue Mark Gould sets out to discover the ethos of the year-long courses and what happens to his students when they complete one and try to make a living from the craft. Barrie Scott goes out East again, this time to Thailand where he visits a museum of carvings and reclaimed artefacts and a man who commissions students to design furniture from old carts. Phil Edwards bridges the gap between old and new by recreating a Krenov cabinet, and Peter Berry teaches you how to carve signs. Meanwhile Andy King finds out if all the forum praise for Narex chisels is justified and Phil Davy shows you how to iron on an edge and also offers a budget-friendlier option that has the bonus of being simple too, while Les Thorne makes an oak calabash bowl, but not without having to solve one or two self-inflicted problems along the way. Lastly, we perform some orthopaedic surgery on an organic bench.