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Look at the photo above and guess who made the table. I have to say that my first guess would not have been David Savage, but in the first of a new short series Dave Roberts finds this senior designer-maker in his element, talking about how his work has evolved over the years and why. Tim Cranmore, on the other hand, is reproducing work from the renaissance, and Barrie Scott talks to him about the recorders he makes and is in awe of the fine workmanship that is lavished on each instrument. And of course woodworkers would be nowhere without fine hand tools, so Andy King got himself invited onto a tour of the Stanley factory. Project wise, Mike Jordan builds a stylish hall table, James Hatter insulates a roof, Phil Davy constructs a case for his planes, and Les Thorne turns a lidded trinket box. Oh, and Andy gets to try out the new Startrite planer/thicknesser.

Andrea Hargreaves, Editor Good Woodworking