Good Woodworking cover image issue 269Wow! Is there some up-and-coming talent in the UK! So much so that we are having to split our coverage of New Designers, the annual London show for graduates, into two, this month looking at the work of the Building Crafts College, Bucks Uni and the Williams & Cleal furniture school and next month at the rest. But it isn’t only those who have had higher education-level training who can prosper and I report on an apprenticeship, college and WorldSkills link up that is enjoying repeated success for Chichester college and makers Cimitree, so much so that George Callow, we can now reveal to web readers, took Gold (full story of that success to come in GW270). Meanwhile Barrie Scott celebrates a technique that has seen Goan boats stitched and planked for hundreds of years, but reports that it is threatened by modern materials. Mike Ninham makes a handsome side table with storage for your Good Woodworking mags, and while Peter Parfitt tests the Festool Rotex, Andy King tries out the new Triton thicknesser. Phil Davy talks you through the vexed question of stripping, and Les Thorne shows you how to mount a graphic love icon onto the lid of a turned box. Enjoy.

Andrea Hargreaves, Editor