Good Woodworking cover image issue 266Welcome
It never ceases to amaze me how woodworkers can produce the most stunning pieces while working in spaces not much wider than an arm span. Take Chris Alley for instance. There he is, allocated with not much more than a cubicle in a huge tithe barn – admittedly he has a share in machines in another area – making everything from staircases to sideboards with painstaking care and innovation, having found a way to adapt Japanese techniques and design to suit Western tastes. And speaking of doing things differently I defy you not to be fascinated – and awe struck – by Barrie Scott’s eloquent description of Thai woodwork in general and carving in particular; he even joins a class to learn how to carve elephants. But before we get too carried away with the exotic, Phil Davy brings us back to earth with his elegant solution to a bread bin and board: make the lid become the board. And Les Thorne is happy to demonstrate how he makes bowls as the support act for knot artist Elin Green. There are also opportunities to make a media cabinet, update a piano and construct a tree seat. Enjoy.
Andrea Hargreaves, Editor