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Chris Tribe, a successful maker of fine furniture for many years, was only too keen to go back to school to learn the proper way to make an instrument – actually he made two and nipped round with his camera – and tells us how he got on at West Dean College. Les Thorne turned this huge bowl from air-dried timber in one process – this decision being borne out of experience and the need to save time, both marks of the professional maker. The link here is that both makers recognise the importance of developing skills and applying them to future work. And knowledge, of course, brings power in its wake, a force that Neil Trett is using to dream up and work up designs with which he is making quite a name for himself, as Dave Roberts finds when he visits him on a chilly Sandgate beach. To further prove the point, on the project front we are offering , from Phil Davy, a pair of bookends inspired by the Guggenheim Museum. We’ve also got a three-legged stool and a phone table. In Kit & Tools, Andy 
King tests the new Leigh jig, a Startrite table saw and a Makita jointer 
among other tools.

Andrea Hargreaves, Editor