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Welcome to GW257,

We have tried to keep clear of all that Olympic corporate hoopla here at GW Towers but when a true hero of the world of athletics hove into view we could hardly ignore him. Sir Roger Bannister, the first man to break the four minute mile, did the honours at the opening of the National School of Furniture’s summer graduate show (page 66). Sir Roger, now 83, is still very active. He is a part time furniture student at the NSF and we hope to be interviewing him in GW very soon. Elsewhere in this month’s edition Christmas comes very early for Andy King who road tests top of the range jointing machines from Festool and Lamelllo (page 16). Master furniture maker Mark Griffiths explains the joys of working with other crafts. This month he works with a master blacksmith on a decorative garden bridge (page 40).  Another master, US furniture maker Gary Rogowski, who readers may remember from a cover feature in GW249 visits the fabulous Musee des Arts et Metiers, in Paris (page 50). The museum is a celebration of creativity, tools and craft skills. I am sure you too will be as amazed as Gary.

Mark Gould