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Welcome to issue 253

When Andy King was holed up in his Somerset shotgun shack a while back with a lengthy leg injury it got him to thinking about how his working life would be if he suffered from some permanent mobility problem. Many of us would be at a loss were it not for our love of handcraft and I think you will be interested by some of the ingenious devices he has discovered that bring an extra pair of hands to the workshop (page 18). And we can all do with that from time to time specially when glueing-up. We also look into all things boxy with a beautiful Japanese style box by Mark Griffiths (p 32) and Phil Davy (p 36) and Michael Forster (p 40) continue the theme with their individual perspective on Andrew Crawford’s box making courses. Our series Anatomy of a Classic looks at Ernest Gimson whose Arts and Crafts style furniture looks like it will never go out of style. If it’s wood science you are after have a look at the fascinating microscopic would of cell biology and just what makes end grain look like end grain and what makes those medullary rays in quarter sawn planks look so beautiful. It’s a whole universe in a shard of timber.

Mark Gould