The Woodworker

The Projects section continues to foster attractive yet achievable designs, presented in a neat straightforward yet comprehensive manner. Mark Cass leads the way this month with a three-piece screen (you know, one of those bi-fold room divider jobbies) designed to display the custom weavings of one of his clients. As ever, Mark’s first stop is down at his local timber recycler. Double tenons, wedges – it’s all going on here. Meanwhile Gordon Warr will really stretch your skills with his traditional drum table with some veneering, turning & fluting and even some French polishing! Mark Cass’s back for a second bite at the issue with a cunning variation on saw horses that we think you’ll find very thought provoking. Keith Smith wraps up the section with a spectacular kitchen cupboard that combines traditional design with contemporary construction.

Workshop finds editor Ralph proving his mettle cutting dovetails, both by hand and my machine. Ralph’s clearly been very busy this month as he’s also kicking off a new series this month, called ‘Understand…’ The first instalment is about abrasives.

In Turning Chris Child creates a coat rack that calls for offset turning – always a great skill to have sorted. Lynton Wedlock continues his series on the use of lasers in turning.

Andy Standing takes On Test on a show-and-tell of all there is to know about planer-thicknessers. As ever he has six of the best for you to consider, ranging from budget to pro. He’s evaluated a couple of the new Li-ion powered super drills too, so check those out to see if you really do need to upgrade. Ben Plewes has spent the month checking out more of Festool’s great tables, the MFT and the CMS.

Yes, it’s another hard working issue of The Woodworker. Let us know what you think.