The Woodworker September 2008
The September issue cover story is about getting back to basics with the bandsaw, care of our product-testing maestro Andy Standing. Even if we think we know our machines thoroughly it’s as well to refresh our memory banks – it’s surprising how sometimes we’ve missed a small detail that may be a timesaver or a point of safety. Andy’s also tested six brand new bandsaws, from budget to top of the range, to see what we can get for our money.

Keith Smith is the woodworker-author of this months’ lead project. Asked to restore a 40-year-old chair from Ecuador, Keith found the chair beyond repair, but an ideal template to copy, which he did – twice! It even prompted him to buy a lathe and get turning…

Keith also makes a return to our Workshop section with a new series we’re calling Shop Notes. Having in his time at The Woodworker answered over 250 readers’ questions in Q&A it was time for a new challenge. So Keith is now looking at workshop matters in a new way, identifying best practices, offering useful tips on tools, materials and techniques.

Hey, Ron Fox is back too. Ron has forgotten more about routers than we’ll ever know, so his insight into the care and use of this versatile tool is always welcome. This month, yes, it’s about the care of.

In Turning Chris Child and Bryn Edwards are offering two old favourites from the woodturners’ repertoire. Nothing wrong in that.

And finally in On Test Ben Plewes has three mitre saws on test, again with a range of price points.

So there you have it. All good stuff, we hope you’ll agree.