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Scottish designer-maker Angus Ross is one of woodworking’s true leading lights


Table with oysters: Mark Griffiths embellishes his coopered low table with Queen Anne-inspired oyster marquetry

Chest of drawers: Brian Barber shows you how to take liberties with design in this chest with floating top

Long bookcase: It might look simple but David Oldfield’s latest piece called for much ingenuity and skill


The student’s bench: In a new series Mark Gould explains his first year studying furniture making at London Met
The Morris Chair: The latest Anatomy of a Classic focuses on William Morris’ Sussex and Morris chairs

The launch of Mat Ali: Charlie Hussey is restoring an old chengal yacht

Bracket placement: Don’t shirk the work when it comes to replacing bracket feet, says Stephen Simmons

Modding the grinder: Chisel abuse led Jeff Gorman's to engineer a solution to deal with the damage

How do I choose: Phil Davey advises on which glues work best for different tasks.

In praise of hand drills: “There is life left in them tools!” Phil Davey says in the latest If You’re So Smart

Black and Decker recip’ saw
Utrasonic rust removal bath
Kreg K4 jig system

Axminster AW1416 lathe
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