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Ruhlmann rules (on the cover): OK? Mark Griffiths spectacular curved cabinets pay tribute to legendary designer Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann

The mackerel: having snared a big fish with his 'sprat' chairs, David Oldfield sets to work on 'the mackerel': a Macasser ebony and Masur birch sideboard

Dining in style: heirlooms inspire Andy Brough to add some fin de siècle glamour to his '60s living room
Not in vain: Phil Davy is commissioned to install a new vanity unit
Feature or flaw: will Les Thorne's decision to incorporate a flaw into his beaded bowl prove to be a good one?

Armed and beautiful: French furniture is the genus, and the armoire in the species in the first part of Stephen Simmon's new series

Lock, stock and barrel:
 Siân Ellis profiles Alastair Simms, the country's last master brewery cooper

Heraldic restoration: knight of restoration Stephen Simmons jousts with the topic of escutcheons
An end to misrule!: "OI, YOU! NO! put down that measuring tape, pick up that measuring rod!", cries Andy King. You'd better listen, he looks serious...

-Lee Valley magnetic straightedge
-Lamello biscuit jointer
-Kreg Multi-Mark layout tool
-Group test: New bench aids 
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