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Resin-ating woodwork!

Dave Roberts experiments with metallic resin to make your project shine


Warwickshire College

The value of a woodworking education can be learning to think for yourself


Reading timber

What’s in the fine print of a piece of timber’s grain, then? Andy King dons his spectacles and explains



Designer drawers: Brian Barber’s plans-free approach to making is pure anarchy!

Stripy table: We like to think Matt Cooper’s black & white-streaked project is Guinness induced – sorry, inspired. We might be wrong

Cup & saucer table: Oliver Renison’s wacky design for Warwickshire College was victorious at GW Live’s Uni’ Challenge

Square-ish table lamp: Raise the red lantern – Peter Benson’s lamp without a lathe



The wedged dovetail – Stephen Simmons presents a long lost dovetailing technique 


After 64 years Jeff Gorman’s floor lamp stand is still, well, standing


Bowl turning is appealing, says Les Thorne, but it’s tricky to master



Metabo carpenter’s gloves

DeWalt Impact Extreme accessories

DigiPas digital level

Bessey clamp accessories

Dryline Pro fixings

Quangsheng spokeshave

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