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What's that? There's a bloke making saw blades on the front cover of GW and you don't know why? Fear not, we haven't morphed into Good Metalworking magazine. But the matter of how our tools, saws and machines are made is of interest to any keen woodworker –  knowing what it is that differentiates a quality tool from a mass-produced one is pretty important, you'd agree? 
Last month we were at Henry Taylor Tools to witness the art of chisel forging; we've continued our quest for arcane lore this month by visiting Atkinson Walker Saws. It's a family business that's holding onto ancient skills lest they die out, but is very much in touch with modern times, utilising the latest state-of-the-art technology to propel the brand into the 21st century.
Apart from the chaps at Atkinson Walker, there're one or two other real craftsmen gracing our pages, including Australian maker Garry Olson who talks about his obsession with English hardwoods. I'm sure Martin Aplin would appreciate us calling him a craftsman too  – he certainly deserves it after the truly unique inside-out display cabinet (inspired by Richard Rogers' design) that he's created for Significant Styles.
The newest member of our team, meanwhile, would perhaps take issue with being called a craftsman. That's Sarah Thirlwell, who's been considering the fundamentals behind turning and this month looks at the four tools every turner needs. She's also turning a range of simple but beautiful candlesticks that anyone can have a go at!
For those who wouldn't dare call themselves craftsmen just yet, theres plenty to progress your learning, from Back to Basics' look at mortise and tenons via a pretty achievable coffee table, to Ben Plewes' advice on making full-size mock-ups of your work before beginning on the actual piece.
There's been plenty of whizzing and burring in the GW workshop too, as our Technical Andy King gets to grips with the latest tools to hit the market, including the new DeWalt DC390KB circular saw, the Bosch GSR ProDrive and a special number from Veritas, the Small Scraping Plane. Call 0844 048 88 22 now to get your copy of the latest issue and find out what Andy's verdict is. Alternatively, why not guarantee a read of his top advice every month by subscribing here? click here to subscribe
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Cigar box guitar: Mike Riley uses recycled materials to create a different tune
Coffee table: Ben Plewes demonstrates mortise and tenons with an easy build
Candlesticks: Sarah Thirlwells fluid candlesticks won't take you long
Inside-out cabinet: veneers on the inside MDF on the out –  have we lost it?!
Softwood door: Phil Davy completes a vital project
Scrabble nameplate: Dave Long's project is the perfect gift
Dual Cut jigsaw blades
Veritas Small Scraping Planes
Bosch GSR ProDrive
DeWalt DC390KB saw
Pillar Drill Laser
Restore Rust Gel
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