Reality strikes! We don't all have huge workshops loaded with high-end equipment, but what we lack in resources we make up for with resourcefulness at least, as the Good Wood team has been finding out. 

Take Marc Holloway, for example, who works in one of the smallest 'shops we've ever featured; his Egyptian-style dresser shows us that it really ain't what you got, it's the way that you use it, and that's what gets results

Andy King, meanwhile, tests four small and affordable timber prep' machines that are ideal for the small 'shop, while Ben Plewes continues to gather useful storage advice for his basement-workshop in Notes...

Once you've organised your workspace, we'll show you how to use it: build the ideal starter kit with our 14 must-have tools; find out what furniture maker Chris Tribe thinks makes a good woodworker; then get to work with our stylish butcher's table project.

If that isn't enough, our first University Challenge offers five inspiring builds. Hands on buzzers, no conferring!

Egyptian dresser
Marc Holloway uses a mixture of pine and practical think-on-your feet sense for this bedroom build

Dine with style
Dave Roberts uses boxwood to turn a stylish cruet set

Trouble in the kitchen
"What, no parsnips?" Mike Jordan builds a handy aid for cutting root vegetables

A butcher's delight
Chop away in style with Ted Grahams fantastic, easy-to-follow cutting block on wheels!

Softwood tool box
Phil Davy finds a home for his power tools in Around The House

Shaping up
"I never knew a spokeshave could do that!" Jeff Gorman finds new delight in his chair project

Order and chaos
With his computer desk nearly completed, Ben Plewes administers a spring clean to the workshop in Notes

Time to pretend
A reproduction, Stephen Simmons says, doesn't have to be a rehash

Corner 'shop
Impressed by Marc Holloway's Egyptian-style dresser (p14), we venture down to his shed-cum-workshop

Self-made man
What's the secret of good woodworking? Two decades furniture making has taught Chris Tribe a thing or two

...built in a day?
Our University Challenge produced no less than five projects over the IWEX weekend

Prep' your own timber
Timber preparation in a small workshop calls for small machines but which ones? Andy King tests four

On test: 
Pocket Wrench II
Joint Genie Minie
Lee Valley Magnifocuser

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